Kaugummi Extruder Anlage

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  • Hersteller: Deutsch
  • Typ: 7
  • Baujahr: Neu
  • Preis: n.A.
  • Angebotsnummer: M12-337


Vielen Dank für Ihr Interesse an unserer Kaugummi Extruder Anlage, die wir Ihnen wie folgt anbieten:

COMPLETE LINE For production of Chewing gum Sticks and Chiclets

Manufacturer :
Type : Kaugummi Extrudier-, Walz- und Schneideanlage gum extruder, rolling and cutting system
Product : Chewing gum Sticks and Chiclets
Size(working width): 7´´ / 177mm other dimensions are possible on demand
Type : WLS RAS 7” with manual take-off
Capacity: Stick Gum approx. 200 – 250 kg/h / Chiclets approx.250 – 350 kg/h
Number of rolling stations : 4
Number of cutting stations : 2
Electrical : 400V 3 ph

Conveyor belt is covered with powdering material by means of sugar device bevore it takes over the extruded chewing gum sheet. The gum sheet is feed over a special table and a second sugar device which powders the upper surface of sheet.
A metal detector can be installed above the conveyor belt witch stops the line as soon as metal particles are detected.
The following rolling machine is equipped with one set of knurled rollers and three sets of hardened smooth sizing rollers. The gap between the rollers is shown on a digital read out. Between the first and the second smooth roller set a top and a bottom brushing device is til table for inserting the gum sheet. The brushes are encased so that an optimum dust absorbing is guaranteed. A dust absorbing unit can be connected. For cutting rollers are mounted one cone and are easily exchangeable. The excess powder is taken over by a conveyor belt arranged underneath the rollers and transport it to a collecting bin. A cross conveyor belt transport the gum scrap to the rear of the machine. Be means of return conveyor belt it feed back to the extruder.

After the last set of cutting rollers a pull-off conveyor belt is fitted for the separating the cut sheets. These are now fed the trays which are placed at the end of the machine by means of guiding roll. As soon as the desired number of layers is reached the filled tray is replaced through a new one and the sheets are pilled again
Machine delivered in normal Steel with one set of cutting rollers for chewing gum sticks or dragees

Deutsches Produkt, keine Billigware aus Asien, keine Zukaufteile aus Asien, alles„Made in Germany!!

Wir bieten diese Maschine mit einer Gewährleistung von 6 Monaten im Einschichtbetrieb zum Verkauf an.

We offer this machine with Warranty 6 months at 8hours working everyday, (Incoterms EXW), without packaging