Sugar Cooker Theegarten

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  • Manufacturers: J. Theegarten
  • Type: KM
  • Year built:
  • Price: n.A.
  • Proposal number: M12-429


Thank you very much for your interest in our Theegarten cooking - and mixing machine for yield and hard candy also heavy masses of the type KM, which we are allowed to offer as follows:

Manufacturer: Theegarten
type: KM cooking and mixing machine for heavy masses
Boiler contents usable: 175 Liter/charge
Machine measurements: 1600 x 1750 x 2750 mm (width x deep x High)
Machine net weight: 1480 kg

Details: Sugar cooking and mixing machine for yield and hardcandy, steam heated
New parts; bearings, seals, gearoil, new electrical box, complete painting
Testrun without product

I offer this machine in checked, cleaned and tested (without product) condition