Sugar Cooker

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  • Manufacturers: Otto Hänsel
  • Type: HWR
  • Year built:
  • Price: n.A.
  • Proposal number: M12-434


Many thanks for your interest on our second hand machines, please find follow our offer:

Manufacturer: Otto Hänsel GmbH
Type: HWR
Contents: 330 l
Net capacity: 200kg
Output: from 300 kg/h up to 800kg/h, in depend of product
Enginepower: 3,8/3,1 kW
Agitator speed: 90 / 45 n/min.
steampressure: 10 atü
steamconsumption:bis 120 kg/h
Steam: Sattdampf, bis 10 bar
dimensions: ca. 1500 x 1325 x 1950 mm
weight: ca. 1280 kg
different: Copper inner shell
Seals New

Refurbished from the last owner, this mean checked, cleaned, defect parts changed, painted

I offer this machine in “checked/cleaned/painted” condition.