Sucrotech Cooker

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  • Sugar Cooker for filling masses
  • Manufacturer: Chocotech Wernigerode (Sollich)
  • Year of made: 2012 like new condition
  • Offer no.: M12-488
proposal number: M12-488 Category: Production Machines


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Manufacturer: Chocotech Wernigerode (Sollich)
Model: Sucrotech cooking system with Sucrostar & Sucrotwist cookers
Year of construction: 2012 (like new condition)
electr. Ratings: 400V 50Hz 3Ph
Machine dimensions: approx. 10000 x 5000 x 2700 (lxwxh in mm)
Output: 200-300kg/h (manufacturer information) depending on the product

Chocotech cooking system type Sucrotech, consisting of:
– Sucrotwist 3m² cooker for all sugar & sugar-free masses
– Sucrostar cooker with cooler
– Preparation tank 150l
– Pre-dissolving tank 200l
– Aroma dosing
– acid dosing,
– Alcohol dosage with 100l alcohol tank
– Aftercooler with temperature control unit
– Top condition / like new (only test run after installation)
– dismantled

The heart of the unit is the specially designed Sucrotwist cooker and pressure dissolver. It is designed for long, uninterrupted production periods and can process all hydrocolloids such as pectin, starch, agar agar, gum arabic, carrageenan and gelatine.
Sucrotwist® is a space-saving high-performance cooker for almost all types of sugar. The product runs through the cooker in the form of a spiral against the resistance of the longitudinally installed steam pipes. The resulting turbulence and the large heat exchange surface lead to short cooking times and the best product quality.

The system was originally designed as a "filling cooking system" for a continuously operating chocolate ball/praline system