Laboratory Candy pulling machine

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  • Manufacturers:
  • type: Sugar Pulling Machine
  • year built: neu
  • Price: n.A.
  • proposal number: M12-178


Laboratory Candy pulling machine

Application Sugar Pulling, Available 1 Kg, 2Kg & 5 Kg up to 50 Kg,
the size of the engine is dependent on the size of the machine.

The action of the machine is derived from two driven arms rotating independently around a single fixed arm. The machine has one speed and pulling time can be set by means of a timer. The teflon arms are removable. This option is unique to this machine. It allows an easy cleaning. Safety guard automatic stopping with motor and starter

Sugar Pulling Machine is mainly to aerated products like Chewy Toffees and others. This machine just stretch the gelatine based sugar mass and work air inside the batch. That avoid stickiness of the chewy Toffee at the teeth and give the product a spongee texture. The Machine is made for Laboratory trials of about 1-2Kg and works batchwise, the product touching parts are made from stainless steel or teflon.