Barth NR 3000 nut roasting system - TOP condition

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Nuss Röstanlage Hersteller Barth Ludwigsburg, Type NR3000 für bis zu 1250kg Nüsse/h


Many thanks for your interest on our second hand machines, please find follow our offer:

Complete roasting plant for nuts, consisting of:

Manufacturer : Barth
Type : NR 3000 batch roaster
Year of made : 2000
Output /h approx. : between 800-1250 kg Nuts
Consisting off :
Plant components:
- Hopper for nut roasting machine NR 3000 (650kg whole nuts), with scale
- Nut roasting machine NR 3000 batch size 400-620kg/batch, roasting time 20-40min)
- Roasted air conditioning
- HWP cooling system
- Cooling air supply
- increased stand frame
- aspiration device stand frame
- aspiration device cooling zone
- thermal exhaust gas cleaning system TNV 8000 (8000m³/h, residual content in the clean gas 50mg/C/m³)
- Exhaust pipe TNV
- free-standing 2-way steel chimney system (height 21500mm, outside diameter 1450mm, 2 pcs. Stainless steel inner pipes 500mm) with thermal insulation
- Fully automatic control unit

As well as all pipes, platforms, cabling, etc. that are not individually listed here and that belong to the system, unless they are structurally connected to the building or assigned to the building.

ex location germany, without dismantling